Want to preach memorable sermons more consistently?

Download the 10-Step Guide to Writing a Sticky Sermon

What You'll Learn in the 10-Step Guide to Writing a Sticky Sermon:

Be Faithful to the Text

Sticky Sermons aren't just memorable, they're true and are packed with power because they're anchored in God's Word.

Prepare the Sermon Efficiently

By following the 10 steps, you'll have a roadmap to preparing sermons in a way that maximizes your time and energy.

Craft the Sermon Memorably

Sticky Sermons aren't just true, they are messages that pierce the hearts of their hearers. 

Having come to preaching later, after decades of associate pastoral ministry, hearing and reading Brandon’s teaching and thoughts have certainly helped shaped my philosophy and style, in both sermon preparation and delivery. I’m thankful, as an older rookie, to have Brandon’s spiritual wisdom and maturity to help guide folks like me.

Chris Weide

Pastor of Beechwood Baptist Church

Mount Olive, AL

I love Brandon’s heart and passion for preaching to the heart. He shows you that it’s less about just sharing information and more about speaking to real human beings with real life issues!

Blake Croft

Lead Pastor of Relentless Church

Athens, TN

Let me help you preach and lead better

Brandon Kelley, Co-Founder of RookiePreacher.com

In 2015, this website began as a hope that it would become a resource for pastors who want to preach and lead better.

Since then, that's exactly what it has become.

And I'm so grateful because here's what I know:

The role of a pastor is demanding. Some weeks you probably find yourself wondering how you are going to get your sermon prepared or wondering how you are going to lead through a problem. I want to help you in those areas.

I'm a Lead Pastor in the trenches of ministry.

I understand the challenges that you face because I face them too.

But this is what I decided:

No matter how old I get and how much experience I accrue in ministry, I'm determined to approach preaching and leadership as if I were a "rookie."

Because what does a rookie do?

A rookie seeks to learn and grow.

So, if you want to join me on this journey of continual growth in pursuing Jesus and serving Him in ministry, click below and let's grow together.

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