114 Quotes from the 2016 Global Leadership Summit

This year’s Global Leadership Summit has been insightful and filled with leadership nuggets for leaders no matter the industry. As a pastor, you’ll benefit from each of the speakers below. I hope you’ll find a thing or two to take action on soon.114 Quotes from the 2016 Global Leadership Summit

114 Quotes from the 2016 Global Leadership Summit

Bill Heybels

  1. “Everybody wins when a leader gets better.”
  2. “The stakes of leadership are sky high.”
  3. “The highest value here at the Summit is humility.”
  4. “We have so much more to learn about this mysterious power of leadership.”
  5. “Armed with enough humility, leaders can learn from anyone.”
  6. “In its simplest form, it’s [leadership] leading people from here to a place called, there.”
  7. “For team members to pay the entire price to go from here to there, they have to feed off the passion of the leader.”
  8. “A motivated worker will outperform an unmotivated worker by 40%.”
  9. “The leader’s passion is contagious.”
  10. “Passion is usually derived from the mountaintops of a dream or the valley of struggle.”
  11. “Sometimes you just have to risk everything.”
  12. “How full is your passion bucket right now?”
  13. “Whose job is it to fill the passion bucket of the leader? The leader.”
  14. “We’re all so different. What must you do?”
  15. “Sometimes just helping out one kid does wonders for the human soul.”
  16. “You must do whatever you must do to get your passion bucket filled.”
  17. “Find your passion, feed your passion, keep your passion bucket filled, and everybody wins.”
  18. “Even if you start with shattered lenses, you can grow and build a thriving culture.”
  19. “An organization will only ever be as healthy as the top leader wants it to be.”
  20. “We can do better and we must do better.”
  21. “God only really treasures one thing in this vast Cosmos – people.”
  22. “Religion is spelled, “do” and it doesn’t work.”
  23. “We have plenty of pastors of churches, what this world needs is pastors of business, government, etc.”
  24. “Here at Willow we are trying to reduce transactional noise.”
  25. “Leaders have to get stuff done.”
  26. “Speed of the leader, speed of the team.”
  27. “Even at a church, staff members want to know exactly what we’re trying to do, how fast, and if the senior leaders are proud of their progress.”
  28. “Every single worker you employ really wants to know how they’re doing.”
  29. “It is cruel and unusual punishment to employ a person and never ever tell them how they’re doing.”
  30. “We have to press ahead…but every once in a while we probably need to peak in the rear view mirror to see what we’re leaving behind – our legacy”
  31. “What kind of legacy will you leave?”
  32. “Throughout history, God has specialized in writing new narratives in people’s lives.”
  33. “If your leadership journey were coming to an end soon, would you be good with the legacy you’ll leave?”
  34. “No matter how fired up we are about our work, God never meant for work to flood out the other areas of our lives.”
  35. “When you look in the rear view mirror, do you like the legacy you are leaving behind?”
  36. “Legacies can change in an instant. Even yours.”
  37. “Leadership matters so much it scares me. So we need to get better.”
  38. “What you’re leading isn’t exciting because there’s nothing exciting going on inside of you.”

Alan Mulally – former CEO at Boeing & former CEO of Ford Motor Company

  1. “We have to have one plan and everyone needs to know what the plan is.”
  2. “If you’re worried, trust the process.”
  3. “The humor can never be at anybody else’s expense.”
  4. “It’s all about people. It’s about including people.”
  5. “Only 42% of employees have favorable feelings toward their employer.”
  6. “Leadership is needed in this world more than ever.”
  7. “The shadow of our leadership is so important.”

Gary Schwammlein – President of WCA

  1. “Christians ought to be the best employees in the world.”
  2. “It’s amazing what happens when leadership is inspired by God-given vision.”

Melinda Gates – Co-Chair of the Gates Foundation

  1. “The world IS getting better. Poverty has been cut in half.”
  2. “Bill and I have this belief that all lives, no matter where they are, matter equally.”
  3. “One individual can change the world.”
  4. “Today, I try to take time in silence every day.”
  5. “I do a spiritual reading, journal, and then silence or prayer.”
  6. “The foundation is the embodiment of our values lived out in the world.”
  7. “It’s a gift to be in the situation we’re in.”
  8. “You need to let your heart break.”
  9. “The biggest lesson we took away from business is we had data on customers, but when we came to the non-profit space, we were blown away with the lack of data organizations were making decisions with.”

Jossy Chacko – Founder of Empart

  1. “We all start with a dream.”
  2. “We’ve been entrusted with something, how are we proving ourselves to be trustworthy with more?”
  3. “To Jesus, faithfulness is multiplying what you have been given.”
  4. “Keeping and maintaining is not an option, especially for followers of Christ.’
  5. “We are created for and commanded to multiply.”
  6. “Enlarge your vision.”
  7. “Time has come for us to reactivate the gifts and abilities we have been entrusted with.”
  8. “When people hear your vision, they should know the size and scale of your God.”
  9. “Trust what God has put into you and run after it with all your heart.”
  10. “Let your vision be determined by what the Creator has put inside of you.”
  11. “There are opportunities all around you to enlarge your vision.”
  12. “Empower your people.”
  13. “Leadership is all about taking wise chances and giving people opportunities.”
  14. “Leaders are all around us, we just need to find them.”
  15. “Through empowerment, we can do incredible things.”
  16. “Your leadership reach is determined by your empowerment abilities.”
  17. “Leaders are there to lay the foundation, empower the people, and head to the next thing to champion.”
  18. “Focus on building the character before you empower them.”
  19. “People don’t fail because of lack of information, they fail because of lack of character.”
  20. “Leadership is not about leading from the front, but leading alongside.”
  21. “Embrace risk.”
  22. “When we bring a risk-free culture into leadership, we set leaders up for failure.”
  23. “Begin to see risk as your friend to love, not your enemy to fear.”
  24. “If God did not give you a spirit of fear, who gave it to you? The devil. Why are you taking things from the devil?”
  25. “Let go of your fears and begin seeing risk as your friend.”
  26. “Comfort, safety, and risk cannot coexist.”
  27. “By you not taking continuous steps of faith and risk, who is missing out on being blessed?”
  28. “If Moses had board members and advisors like we have, they’d still be in Egypt.”
  29. “It is critical that you begin to increase your pain threshold.”
  30. “Make the decision to pull the trigger on what God has put in your heart.”

Dr. Travis Bradberry – Emotional Intelligence 2.0

  1. “Emotional intelligence will change the way you see yourself, other people, and how you go about your work.”
  2. “Emotional intelligence is our ability to rationally respond to our emotions.”
  3. “We live in a world that doesn’t always know what’s good for us.”
  4. “We are not taught to lead. We are not taught to inspire people.”
  5. “Only about 36% of people are able to accurately identify their emotions accurately.”
  6. “You can’t turn off what you’re feeling.”
  7. “EQ is the foundation for critical skills.”
  8. “Organizations get very short sighted when it comes to promotions.”
  9. “Get your stress under control to increase your EQ.”

Patrick Lencioni – Author and Founder of the Table Group

  1. “Humility is recognition of what is true.”
  2. “Humility is the most important trait of an ideal team player.
  3. “An ideal team player is hungry.”
  4. “An ideal team player is smart – people smart.”
  5. “Hiring people for intelligence is not a great idea.”
  6. “If a person is humble, but not hungry or smart, we call them a pawn.”
  7. “If a person is hungry, but not humble or smart, we call them a bulldozer.”
  8. “If a person is smart, but not humble or hungry, we call them a charmer.”
  9. “People who are humble and hungry, but not smart are accidental mess-makers.”
  10. “People who are humble and smart, but not hungry are lovable slackers.”
  11. “People who are smart and hungry, but not humble are skillful politicians.”
  12. “When we develop our people we have to have courage to talk to them and let them know [hold them accountable].”
  13. “We have to change the hiring process and be very clear at what we’re looking for.”
  14. “We overemphasize technical skills when hiring people.”
  15. “We tend to focus too much on that which is measurable.”
  16. “We’ve got to get them out of the office and see how they deal with people.”
  17. “A big part of humility is forgiveness.”
  18. “The right people are humble, hungry, and smart people.”
  19. “Scare people with sincerity.”

Written by Brandon Kelley

Brandon Kelley is the co-founder of Rookie Preacher and the author of Preaching Sticky Sermons and Crucified to Life. He serves as the Lead Pastor of First Church of Christ in Bluffton, IN. He also writes at BrandonKelley.org. You can follow him @BrandonKelley_. Watch his sermons here.


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