3 Required Tasks for Effective Leaders

Leadership is a hard, demanding, and draining. But also rewarding, a gift, and necessary. As a leader sometimes I feel burned out. Sometimes on Sunday afternoon after teaching a lesson, preaching, and socializing with everyone who comes in the door I feel drained. Someone told me once, ” I don’t understand how you feel drained on Sunday morning! If I got to preach every Sunday it would energize me!” And yes there is some truth to that, but drained I sure do feel on Sunday afternoons.



To make sure a leader does not burn out during a season of ministry I find there are tasks, and regimented things I must do. Even though I am not all that routine oriented I feel these three things are vital to my leadership and even just my health in general. So here is what I do:

1. Personal Devotion

This is important. A leader who neglects personal time with God in prayer and in the Bible is not going to be able to achieve the results he wants to. As Christian leaders our lifestyle must lead by example. We must be working on our own personal relationship with God before we ever expect to impact anyone else’s for the better. Effective, Godly leadership must first start with a solid , private relationship with our Savior.

2. Appointment Tracking

On a less spiritual note. I have found using Google’s Calendar to be mighty helpful in keeping me charged up. This way I do not have to guess on appointments  or meetings- it is all right there and in one place. Really this gets to the principle of organization. As leaders to avoid burn out we must be as organized as possible. Any task that  keeps you organized is an important part of your routine in leadership.

3. Sabbath Time

Sabbath is a very important aspect of leading. Many of us who are wired to lead just cannot get away. We are tempted to work 70 plus hours a week and work on our day off and just keep on going like we are the Energizer Bunny. But the fact is we are not, we are human, and because of that we need  daily Sabbath moments, we need weekly Sabbath moments, and  we need some kind of annual Sabbath moment to keep us charged and as effective as possible.

So talk with me. What are some tasks in your routine that  you could not effectively lead without?

Written by Joe Hoagland

Joe is a pastor at Rise Church in Marion, Oh. He is married to his awesome wife Jenna and they have one daughter Aryella.

He loves to lead people to Jesus and preach God's word.

You can often times find Joe hiking, camping, writing, reading, or enjoying technology.


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