3 Websites That Will Boost Your Sermon Preparation

3 Websites That Will Boost Your Sermon Preparation

The work of sermon preparation should not be taken lightly. Each week we have people who join us for their “first Sunday” and others who’ve decided it’s their “last Sunday” unless something happens.

If you are like me, you are always looking for new resources to help improve your sermon preparation. Over the years I’ve developed a list of “go to” sites that I depend on in preparing my messages. Here are 3 that I would like to share with you.

Got Questions

“Got Questions Ministries seeks to glorify Jesus Christ by providing biblical, applicable, and timely answers to spirituality related questions.”

Got Questions is a site I came across a few years ago and have been using ever since. They have 576,447 Bible questions answered and counting. To me, that means I will never ask a question that they haven’t already tackled.

Their categories are very broad including Crucial Questions, Christian Theology, Bible Summary and Questions about the Books of the Bible.

Their 20 Most Asked Questions article covers everything from “interracial marriage” to “tattoos” and “do animals go to heaven.” The site is easy to use, just type in your questions and away you go.

Do yourself a favour and sign up for their “Question of the Week”. Also if you love this stuff you can sign up to be a volunteer to help answer questions!!!

Ravi Zacharias

“What I believe in my heart must make sense in my mind.” 

― Ravi Zacharias

The tag line for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries is “Difficult Questions. Thoughtful Answers.” They certainly deliver on that promise. This site is awash with material that you can read, listen and watch. I appreciate Ravi very much because of his ability to clearly explain his position while at the same time being held in high esteem by those who do not agree with it. This apologetic site is a great resource to help enhance your messages with reasoned answers as to why we believe what we believe.

H.B. Charles Jr.

“The text is the best part of the sermon.”

H.B. Charles Jr.

H.B. Charles Jr. is a great expository preacher from Jacksonville, Florida and I put him on the list exactly for that reason. Near the end of my preparation, I like to see how others have handled the same passage and H.B. is a go-to for me. He is great at keeping the text in context while adding just a sprinkling of Greek or Hebrew along with the practical application. You will certainly be encouraged by his messages.

Like my other suggestions, this site is easy to navigate. You can search the site by recent sermons, Scripture, Topic or Series. Do yourself a favour and sign up for his weekly message.

What sites have you found that have enhanced your sermon preparation? Leave a comment and let’s build a great resource together.

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Written by Peter Walters

Peter has been married to his wonderful wife Sarah for 29 years and they have two children.


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