How to Create a Path to Guide Regulars to Become ALL IN Members [The Growing Church]

Every pastor pushes up against this challenge: how do we help more of our regulars become more committed to the mission and vision of the Church? So, what if I told you that we have started to see some progress in this area and I’m going to give you the blueprint?

How to Create a Path to Guide Regulars to Become ALL IN Members [The Growing Church]

Just imagine what could be done in and through the local church you lead if you had 20 more people completely ALL IN with the mission tomorrow than you do today. Would that change some things? You bet it would. But you need a path and that’s exactly what I want to give you.

How to Create a Path to Guide Regulars to Become ALL IN Members

Before we go any further, one thing has to be a conviction: membership in the local church is MORE than simply agreeing theologically.

If that isn’t a conviction, you’ll realize that this path won’t work and you’ll need to create a completely different one.

What is the Path?

The path is simple.

Visitor >> Regular >> ALL IN Member

But is it that simple? Yes and no.

Visitor >> Regular

What does it look like to help visitors become regulars?

We went in depth on this earlier in The Growing Church Series. If you haven’t read that, bookmark it and go back to it:

3 Stage Path to Guiding Church Visitors to Become Church Regulars [The Growing Church]

Regular >> ALL IN Member

Love them.

Challenge them.

Preach compassionately. Help them get connected to others in the church. And challenge them to take action. Constantly.

Believe it or not, most people want to grow. They want to see progress. And if you are constantly loving them and challenging them, they’ll grow if they take action.

Love them.

Challenge them.

And then, every quarter or so, speak directly to them and invite them to be a part of an experience where they’ll discover three things:

  1. The mission, vision, beliefs, and values of your local church
  2. What it means to be a member of your local church
  3. How God has wired each one of them to serve Him

Promote it constantly. Talk about it consistently. Once you get this rolling, bring in people who were a part of it in the past and get them to share a testimony.

The Membership Class (aka the experience)

We’ve done the class in two different formats: (1) 4 Sunday mornings in a row and (2) 1 Saturday morning for 3 hours (which we’ll be modifying to be 3.5 hours).

The Saturday morning option has worked best for us.

Here’s the outline we use:

Session 1: Story of the church, mission, vision for the future, core values, and core beliefs (proclaim Gospel and plan of salvation at the end).

[Short Break]

Session 2: What it looks like to be all in (explain biblical commitment to the local church)

[Short Break]

Session 3: How God has wired you – personality assessment, spiritual gifts assessment, and explanation of both

[Short Break]

Session 4: Roundtable experience to help them identify a ministry area to serve in and role where they can use their gifts

Commitment Time: Handouts are dispersed and everyone is asked if they would like to commit to going all in.

The Commitment Handout (aka Next Steps)

On the commitment handout, we summarize the 3 characteristics of someone who is all in at The Crossing, namely:

  1. Be a fully committed follower of Jesus Christ
  2. Be active in fulfilling the mission of The Crossing
  3. Live by the code of The Crossing

Then, participants are asked four questions:

  1. Are you ready to go all in?
  2. Are you a part of a community group?
    • One of our core values is purposeful community which is done through community groups. Throughout the sessions, we talk about the importance of being in community a lot so the expectation is that part of going all in is jumping into a community group. We’re not militant about this, but definitely HIGHLY ENCOURAGE it.
  3. Would you like help with setting up online giving?
    • One of our core values is radical generosity so that opens the door to talking about the Christian life and generosity. Be sure to see the response options in the PDF that is in the next section.
  4. Based on your spiritual gifts assessment, what are three ministry areas that you would be interested in serving in?
    • This is fleshed out in the roundtable experience where table members help each other find ministries that go well with their gifts. They are given a ministry roundtable guide that lists our ministries and roles within them along with corresponding spiritual gifts for each role. See the PDF that is in the next section.

Helpful PDFs

ALL IN – Next Steps

ALL IN – Roundtable Guide

Dive Deeper

If you want to dive deeper into what goes into this new kind of membership class, check out 6 Keys to a Successful Church Membership Class (That You Might Not Expect)

Lead Them

This is all about leadership. Show the regulars in your church where to go so that they can dive into a deeper devotion, not only to the local church, but to God.

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Written by Brandon Kelley

Brandon Kelley is the co-founder of Rookie Preacher and the author of Preaching Sticky Sermons and Crucified to Life. He serves as the Lead Pastor of First Church of Christ in Bluffton, IN. He also writes at You can follow him @BrandonKelley_. Watch his sermons here.


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