How to Change A Board Member’s Perspective

I have for the most part worked with some great board members. My stories about difficult board members are not from personal testimony but from the stories of others. Like my friend who was challenged by a board member to go outside and settle things in the parking lot. Lucky for the Board member he wasn’t taken up on the offer because my friend was a College wrestling champ. 🙂

How To Change A Board Members Perspective

I was talking to a friend the other day and he gave me this idea for your next Church Board Meeting.

How to Change A Board Member’s Perspective

Send each board member a note saying, “At our next meeting I need you to please bring a roll of paper towel and cleaning spray.” When everyone shows up take them to the nursery and clean the toys in the room as you have your meeting. Can you imagine them sitting around on the nursery floor, legs crossed surrounded by Lego? Great sight isn’t it?

What’s the point you may ask?

  1. It will show some of your board members where the nursery actually is.
  2. It would be a great moral booster for all your nursery workers to know the board actually cleaned the toys and furniture.
  3. It will be a humbling experience for your board and will remind them that their position is one of serving not just making decisions.
  4. It will remind your board that each decision they make affects real people and real ministry.
  5. It will spark conversations that would not happen just sitting around the boardroom table.

So when is your next board meeting? Send the email, what do you have to lose?

After you have a meeting in the nursery what’s next? The youth room with the couches the youth pastor got from the side of the road? How about the choir loft? How about the Prayer Room? The possibilities are endless.

The whole point of the exercise is to help your board gain perspective. It’s quite easy for any of us to make decisions without really considering their impact on others. We blame the government for this all the time, don’t we? Sometimes there’s not much different between the provincial or state capital and the church board room. A few people making long lasting decisions for the many. Let’s broaden the perspective of our board members by helping them think outside the box/boardroom. I know one thing for sure, after cleaning the nursery toys, the next time there is an agenda item for the nursery the board will look at the issue through different eyes.

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