Links of the Week (1/16/16)

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Links of the Week

Links of the Week

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Four Ways to Deal with Anxiety as a Pastor – by Erik Reed

This was powerful. It’s a conversation we MUST have. Give it a read and save it for later use.

20 Politically Incorrect Thoughts on Church in America – by Tony Morgan

We need more people being completely honest about the Church here in America. Don’t just write Tony’s thoughts off. Give them some thought yourself.

Star Wars Preaching: The Force of Nostalgia – by Peter Mead

**There are no spoilers here**

The Force of Nostalgia Awakens. I jumped at the chance to go to the cinema and see the new Star Wars. I won’t spoil the storyline in this post, but I do want to ponder the key ingredient of this film’s success.  Nostalgia.

If You Want To “Be Somebody” You Can Forget Preaching – by H.B. Charles Jr.

One of my pulpit heroes preached at my church. We didn’t really know one another. Yet he agreed to come. I was beyond excited.

I have absolutely no recollection of the service or sermon that night. But I will never forget the conversation afterward in my study.

Become an Iceberg Pastor – by Andrew Haslam

Something we should all realize – what’s below the surface is more important than what’s above. Let’s really become iceberg pastors. 

5 Truths to Understand When Leading Leaders – by Tim Parsons

Most of the time, when the topic of leadership is brought up, we tend to immediately begin talking about how to lead “doers.”  By doer I simply mean the people that are there to do a job.  They signed up to volunteer in your ministry.  You hired them to work in a specific department.  They are on your team and are expected to carry out tasks.  They are doers.

Rookie Preacher Posts

Top 10 Things a Church Needs to Do to Impact The World Through Service – by Bill Baumgardner

Incorporate This One Principle to Become a Better Leader – by Joe Hoagland

RPP 017: John Chandler on Sermon Prep, Bivocational Ministry, and More!

Preach Better: Identify and Expose the Tension – by Brandon Kelley

Written by Brandon Kelley

Brandon Kelley is the co-founder of Rookie Preacher and the author of Preaching Sticky Sermons and Crucified to Life. He serves as the Lead Pastor of First Church of Christ in Bluffton, IN. He also writes at You can follow him @BrandonKelley_. Watch his sermons here.


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RPP 017: John Chandler on Sermon Prep, Bivocational Ministry, and More!

RPP 017: John Chandler on Sermon Prep, Bivocational Ministry, and More!

What to Do When You're Between Ministries - by Mike Kjergaard

What to Do When You’re Between Ministries – by Mike Kjergaard