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Links of the WeekLinks of the Week

9 Steps to Using Social Media and Blogs Without Losing Your Ministry by Thom Rainer

As in any practice, there are extremes. Some pastors and staff steadfastly refuse to get involved in technology, social media, or blogs. On the other extreme, some ministers misuse and abuse the helpful tools and media available to them.

After nearly a decade of involvement in social media and, later, the blogosphere, I have seen the best and the worst. Allow me to share what I have learned from the best in ministry who are active in this realm.

3 Ways Christians Turn People Off From the Church by Vince Antonucci

I came to God from a completely unchurched, non-Christian background. Ever since, I have been giving my life to helping other people come to know God.

Watch Two Thieves – Billy Huffman Sermon Jam

Want More As A Leader? 5 Signs You’re Ready to Handle It – by Carey Nieuwhof

Most of us leader types are rarely satisfied with the status quo.

You may want more, but are you ready for more?

Could you handle it if it came your way?

The Downside of Digital Bibles – by Clayton Kraby

I wonder what Tyndale would think of our own day. Though it is tough times for professional plowboys, the Bible is more available than at any other time in history. On top of Bibles in our churches, homes, and bookstores, we have apps for our smart phones and tablets that make it so that we can read, study, and even listen to Scripture at all times.

3 Church Tech Starter Tips for Church Plants – Jesse Gruber

Hey, Planter!

If you’ve done any reading up at all, you know that the best time to start pretty much anything is within the confines of natural life patterns. Fall is a great time to plant. So, that means instead of slowly sliding into Summer, you’re probably ramping up some huge plans for the fall. I wanted to take some time to show you the tech setup I have at Missio Dei in hopes that you too can benefit from free/cheap tech that will really impact your community for the better.

CNLP 048: How to Change a Church Quickly—An Interview with Jeff Price – by Carey Nieuwhof

You should wait a year before you change anything, right? Isn’t that what every leader knows?

Well, that’s not how Jeff Price did it.

3 Resources to Add Spark to Your Sermons – by Chad Brooks

Does preaching every get dull to you? Better yet, do you feel your sermons are making folks a little too comfortable in the pews? Here are 3 of my top posts on preaching to help you remix things up a little. Each one of them is a little different, from the practical to the unorthodox (with a little non-traditional preaching environment mixed in). The biggest tip I have found to keep your sermons running great is to always be working on making them better!

Rookie Preacher Articles

How to Get a TON More Done Without Doing a TON More

RPP 006: How to Plan a Topical Sermon Series (A step-by-step process)

One Principle That Will Transform Your Sermon Prep

Should the Church Use Systems?


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Written by Joe Hoagland

Joe is a pastor at Rise Church in Marion, Oh. He is married to his awesome wife Jenna and they have one daughter Aryella.

He loves to lead people to Jesus and preach God's word.

You can often times find Joe hiking, camping, writing, reading, or enjoying technology.


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How to Get a TON More Done Without Doing a TON More

How to Get a TON More Done Without Doing a TON More

Get More Productive With These 3 Apps - by Jonathan Pearson

Get More Productive With These 3 Apps – by Jonathan Pearson