Links of the Week (09/12/15)

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Links of the Week

Links of the Week

What To Do When Your Sermon Bombs by Brian Jones

Good, short post with some insights into some questions you should ask before you get to the point where your sermon bombs.

Serious About Discipleship? Mentoring is Better than Curriculum by Karl Vaters

This is a good reminder for those of us out their leading smaller churches. Many times we can become focused on the next great series or curriculum when it comes to discipleship. But nothing beats face to face mentoring.

What a Good Sermon is Like by Aaron Armstrong

“A good sermon intrigues the mind and stirs the heart—but not through the efforts of the preacher, but through the Word of God”

Four Things You Should Regularly Highlight in Church Services by Michael from Church Fuel

Good reminders on some goalposts to highlight during your church services.

Chuck Swindoll on Senior Pastors Being Themselves by Brian Jones

Great personal story here on a classic preacher and leader!

Brandon’s Shameless Plug

We’re All Cheaters and Prostitutes by Brandon Kelley

“If God were your preacher, you’d probably try to fire Him.”

Rookie Preacher Articles

4 Keys to Closing Your Sermon Powerfully

RRP 008: 5 Attributes of Highly Effective Illustrations

How to Create an Awesome Sermon Introduction

John Maxwell on Living Intentionally


5 Dangers of Expository Preaching (And How to Avoid Them) (Featured on Sermon Central)

How to Avoid the Dangers of Topical Preaching (Featured on Sermon Central)

Written by Joe Hoagland

Joe is a pastor at Rise Church in Marion, Oh. He is married to his awesome wife Jenna and they have one daughter Aryella.

He loves to lead people to Jesus and preach God's word.

You can often times find Joe hiking, camping, writing, reading, or enjoying technology.


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4 Keys to Closing Your Sermon Powerfully

4 Keys to Closing Your Sermon Powerfully

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