Links of the Week (09/26/15)

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Links of the Week

Links of the Week

5 Tips for Speaking to 10,000 People or 10 by Jon Acuff

“You might never become a public speaker, but you’ll speak in front of a crowd at some point. You’ll present a college paper, deliver a project at work or make a speech at a wedding. Remember these tips for when do and you’ll have a great time, whether it’s 10,000 people or 10”

8 Ways Meetings Are Killing the Mission of Your Church by Rich Birch

“Leaders who don’t like meetings are like dentists who don’t like teeth. Leaders who don’t think critically about their meeting cultures are like dentists who don’t know their tools.”

Taming the Sermon by Jim Tune

“Maybe it’s time we stopped asking what is practicable and first ask what it means to really follow Jesus”

The Church’s Response to an Aging Culture by Bob Russell

“Many cutting-edge churches today focus almost exclusively on reaching “millennials” – the 20-35 age group.  Frequently they do so at the expense of senior citizens.  The impression is left, “We are using music and designing programs to reach the next generation.  If you don’t share our vision then you are being selfish and maybe you should find another church.”  Those words are seldom verbalized that abruptly, but those over 55 get the message”

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Written by Joe Hoagland

Joe is a pastor at Rise Church in Marion, Oh. He is married to his awesome wife Jenna and they have one daughter Aryella.

He loves to lead people to Jesus and preach God's word.

You can often times find Joe hiking, camping, writing, reading, or enjoying technology.


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Leading Through Change and Embracing Innovation

RPP 009: Leading Through Change and Embracing Innovation

Want to Be a Better Leader? Be Humble

Want to Be a Better Leader? Be Humble