Links of the Week (5/14/16)

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Links of the Week

Links of the Week

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Your Church Needs A Church Discipline Policy – by Brian Jones

Your church needs a written church discipline policy outlining how you will deal with church members who are divisive, unrepentant of immoral behavior, or teaching unsound doctrine.

4 Biblical Reasons Why Racism Is Irrational – by Marvin Williams

I assumed we lived in a post-racial society. But, the hateful and racist reactions to a new Old Navy ad, which featured an interracial couple and their child, proves that we don’t. According to Scripture, not only are these racist reactions ugly and ignorant, they are absolutely irrational and illogical.

29 Things Young Leaders Must Know To Be Successful – by Brian Dodd

Enlisting, equipping and then releasing young leaders to be all God created them to be is critical to becoming a sustainable church or organization. You must always be green and growing as a staff.

Is Church Membership Still Relevant? – by Tim Suttle

In a world in which a premium is placed on having what we want, when we want it…

In a society in which we our constantly told that every need can be met, and every problem can be solved…

In a culture in which we are bombarded with images of false perfection and, static idealism…

Twelve Weird Items in Church Bylaws – by Thom Rainer

Sometimes reading a church’s bylaws is like taking a trip to the twilight zone.

Some are lengthy, very lengthy. Some are irrelevant. Some are unreadable.

And others are weird, really weird.

Your Brain is Being Rewired, But It’s Even Worse – by Brandon Kelley

That’s right, your brain is being rewired. But that’s not even the worst part. It’s only part of the issue. An epidemic is spreading and has been spreading for decades. It’s spreading into homes – Christian and non-Christian alike. It’s spreading into your brain and creating new neuropathways. It’s leading to an abundance of problems.

Rookie Preacher Articles

5 Principles for Effectively Rehearsing Your Sermon – by Joe Hoagland

5 Things Youth Ministry Taught Me About Preaching to Adults – by Brandon Kelley

Written by Brandon Kelley

Brandon Kelley is the co-founder of Rookie Preacher and the author of Preaching Sticky Sermons and Crucified to Life. He serves as the Lead Pastor of First Church of Christ in Bluffton, IN. He also writes at You can follow him @BrandonKelley_. Watch his sermons here.


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5 Things Youth Ministry Taught Me About Preaching to Adults

5 Things Youth Ministry Taught Me About Preaching to Adults

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