Links of the Week (5/30/15)

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Links of the Week

Links of the Week

What Liberal Christians Struggle to Admit


What Evangelicals Seem to Miss by Tony Jones

While I (Joe) don’t agree with much of Jones’ theology I think this two part series of posts is a solid reaction to those oh so infamous recent Pew Studies just released.

Matt Chandler, The Village Church Offer Apology to Karen Hinckley by Matthew Paul Turner

Such a crazy situation here, as church leaders we need to be aware of churches and leaders that overstep their authority. Good for Village Church to apologize, but they have done a lot of damage here.

5 Marketing Lessons from Churches Around the World by Jared Brock

An interesting article from ChurchMag.

How Integrity Drives Your Leadership by Brad Lomenick

In a world of skeptics and pessimists, people are more attracted than ever to leaders of integrity. If you’re known as a person of character, you’ll attract better staff and keep them longer. You’ll draw more loyal members and more raving fans. Society longs for leaders of integrity.

7 TED Talks Every Church Leader Should Watch (& 4 Ways to Use Them!) by Rich Birch

TED Talks are all the rave right now. Many are really interesting and Rich Birch introduces a useful way to use them as pastors.

Rookie Preacher Articles

What Jesus Did That You Definitely Shouldn’t Do

3 Hidden Principles I Learned from Unwanted Sermon Criticism

4 Valuable Lessons From a 9 Year Church Transition – by Mike Edmisten


Our article that was featured on SermonCentral: 5 Ways to Help Your Sermon Last Deep Into the Week

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What Jesus Did That You Definitely Shouldn't Do

What Jesus Did That You Definitely Shouldn’t Do

An Invaluable Lesson About Preaching We All Must Learn

An Invaluable Lesson About Preaching We All Must Learn – by Wade Allen