76 Quotes from the 2017 North American Christian Convention

The North American Christian Convention is the annual gathering for those in the tribe of the Independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ. Whether you would align yourselves in our tribe or not, the following quotes will bless you and your ministry. This year’s NACC was full of great nuggets of leadership, inspiration, and challenge.

76 Quotes from the 2017 North American Christian Convention

76 Quotes from the 2017 North American Christian Convention

  1. “The key to success in any organization is identifying, developing, and empowering the right people.” – Craig Groeschel
  2. “If we don’t empower and trust people, they won’t stay with us.” – Craig Groeschel
  3. “Most leaders are trying to figure out the right strategy. The best leaders are obsessed with empowering the right people.” – Craig Groeschel
  4. “We don’t find great leaders, we build them.” – Craig Groeschel
  5. “The great commission clearly communicates the two currencies of empowerment: clarity and trust.” – Craig Groeschel
  6. “[Jesus] trusted them to figure out the how because He told them the what and the where.” – Craig Groeschel
  7. “The best way to find out if someone is trustworthy is to give them some responsibility and see how they perform.” – Craig Groeschel
  8. “Clarity without trust produces fear and inaction. Trust without clarity produces work without direction.” – Craig Groeschel
  9. “Clarity ensures that your team members’ work is aligned with your goals and mission. Trust is the necessary net that results in risk-taking.” – Craig Groeschel
  10. “Guard the values. Surrender control.” – Craig Groeschel
  11. “What you value determines what you do.” – Craig Groeschel
  12. “An empowering leader knows that with time and coaching, they will do it better than us.” – Craig Groeschel
  13. “You can have control or you can have growth, but you cannot have both.” – Craig Groeschel
  14. “Want to limit the size of your organization? Control everything.” – Craig Groeschel
  15. “The best leaders delegate differently. Most leaders tend to delegate tasks. The best leaders delegate authority.” – Craig Groeschel
  16. “When you delegate authority, you create leaders” – Craig Groeschel
  17. “Push decisions out.” – Craig Groeschel
  18. “Anytime someone else can make a decision, give them the blessing of letting them make the decision.” – Craig Groeschel
  19. “You must be willing to experience a temporary loss of excellence and effectiveness for an exponential explosion of influence.” – Craig Groeschel
  20. “If you don’t trust the people around you, you either don’t have the right people or you don’t have the right mindset.” – Craig Groeschel
  21. “If you urgently do right things, you will start to succeed.” – Craig Groeschel
  22. “Success feeds pride. Pride kills urgency. Nothing fails like success.” – Craig Groeschel
  23. “Urgency is not the default mode. Complacency is.” – Craig Groeschel
  24. “Complacency is very difficult to see in the mirror.” – Craig Groeschel
  25. “All success is temporary.” – Craig Groeschel
  26. “Contemporary is the new traditional.” – Craig Groeschel
  27. “We cannot follow a model that we think works all the time.” – Craig Groeschel
  28. “As your organization grows, movement naturally slows.” – Craig Groeschel
  29. “As your organization ages, most move from a bias for action to a bias for discussion.” – Craig Groeschel
  30. “Fight against complexity.” – Craig Groeschel
  31. “Make aggressive mistakes, not passive mistakes.” – Craig Groeschel
  32. “Comfort is the enemy of progress.” – Craig Groeschel
  33. “Find comfort being uncomfortable. Growth and comfort never coexist.” – Craig Groeschel
  34. “Facts don’t move people to action. Emotion invokes action.” – Craig Groeschel
  35. “We’re not just growing churches, we are filling heaven.” – Craig Groeschel
  36. “God’s heart and God’s house are for everyone.” – Gene Appel
  37. “The gospel that isn’t for everyone everywhere isn’t for anyone anywhere.” – Gene Appel
  38. “When you’re confronted with your sin in front of you, all you can feel is shame.” – Trevor DeVage
  39. “Jesus says, I want to be a part of your mess. But I want to redeem and restore it.”- Trevor DeVage
  40. “With grace comes the expectation of godliness.”- Trevor DeVage
  41. “It’s time we drop our rocks and give people the grace of Jesus.”- Trevor DeVage
  42. “Individual salvation only exists so God can have a family.” – Derwin Gray
  43. “Circumcision was an ethnic badge for Jews.”- Derwin Gray
  44. “My ethnicity is in Christ.”- Derwin Gray
  45. “Church is the last name of a blood-bought people.”- Derwin Gray
  46. “Every one another in the Bible is to Jew and Gentile churches.”- Derwin Gray
  47. “In order to do the one anothers, we have to be in relationships with people different from us.”- Derwin Gray
  48. “Don’t ever be color-blind, be color-blessed.”- Derwin Gray
  49. “Ethnocentrism, classism, sexism are crucified on the cross.”- Derwin Gray
  50.  “God the Father wants a multiethnic family that displays his kingdom through the local church.” – Derwin Gray
  51. “You are where you are right now in your ministry for a reason.” – Tim Liston
  52. “Your tribe needs your generosity. Your local church needs your generosity.” – Scot McKnight
  53. “Leaders build cultures. Good leaders build good cultures. Toxic leaders build toxic cultures.” – Scot McKnight
  54. “Our responsibility as leaders is to build a culture of generosity and hospitality to the poor.” – Scot McKnight
  55. “Jesus has called us to be generous to the poor.” – Scot McKnight
  56. “Christians who are not compassionate to the poor are not following Jesus.”- Scot McKnight
  57. “One of our most profound acts of worship is to turn our money to God for the good of the gospel in the world.” – Scot McKnight
  58. “This message of the gospel is for everyone.” – Jordan Rice
  59. “Every other religion and way of life still have a cultural center… But not so with Christianity.”
  60. “There is no one area that can hold the power of the gospel.” – Jordan Rice
  61. “The first miracle of the Church was to decentralize the gospel so that it can spread.” – Jordan Rice
  62. “There is no one place where this powerful message of the gospel can be contained.” – Jordan Rice
  63. “The gospel is not just for me, but it is also for the heathen.” – Kyle Costello
  64. “The gospel is not just for the heathen. The gospel is for the heretic.” – Kyle Costello
  65. “Who in your life can you encourage, give them a practical opportunity, and develop?” – Ruby Clark
  66. “We are a group of messed up people living in God’s grace.” – Kevin Haah
  67. “The secret sauce is the gospel of Jesus Christ.” – Kevin Haah
  68. “We are all more messed up than we think we are.” – Kevin Haah
  69. “This changes everything. Welcome to the room of grace.” – Mike Breaux
  70. “God’s building one kingdom and he’s doing it through his one people.” – Charlotte Gambill
  71. “What are you committed to building in your church? Towers or tables? …When you lay a table, everyone has a seat.” – Charlotte Gambill
  72. “We are called to set the table.” – Charlotte Gambill
  73. “When you settle you are in trouble.” – Charlotte Gambill
  74. “Don’t have an issue based church.” – Charlotte Gambill
  75. “We are not called to build up, we are called to build out.” – Charlotte Gambill
  76. “When you lay a table, everyone has a seat.” – Charlotte Gambill

To learn more about the NACC, visit gotonacc.org.

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Written by Brandon Kelley

Brandon Kelley is the co-founder of Rookie Preacher and the author of Preaching Sticky Sermons and Crucified to Life. He serves as the Lead Pastor of First Church of Christ in Bluffton, IN. He also writes at BrandonKelley.org. You can follow him @BrandonKelley_. Watch his sermons here.


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