How Your Church Can Reach More People With Facebook

Do you ever hear about the amazing power of Facebook and how you can reach more people with Facebook, but then you feel lost at how to actually do that? In today’s post I want to give you some very practical things you can begin doing today that will help you reach more people with Facebook.

How Your Church Can Reach More People With Facebook

One of my responsibilities at The Crossing is to lead our online communications and discipleship strategies. I run our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, email, and website for The Crossing. Along the way, I’ve learned a thing or two about all these platforms, but have focused the most on Facebook because that is where the majority of our people are.

How Your Church Can Reach More People With Facebook

We’re going to start with some basic tactics and we’ll get to some more advanced strategies as we go on.

Tell Your People That You Are on Facebook

I have to say this at the outset because it’s amazing how often churches (mine included) forget to tell people where they are online during services.

Use your announcement time to tell people that you’d love to connect with them online and let them know that you’re on Facebook.

Create Engaging Quote Graphics From the Message

I highly recommend (if you’re not a graphic design person) you use Canva. It’s free and powerful. There are a number of templates to use, but for this type of graphic I recommend the square social media template.

Grab a relevant photo to use as a backdrop (make sure you abide by the usage agreements – don’t just pull something from Google Images). Here’s a list of free stock image sites that have ‘use however you want’ photos.

Here’s an example of one we’ve done.

Click here

Visual posts ALWAYS get more engagement on Facebook, and that’s what we’re looking for – engagement. Are people liking, sharing, and commenting on what you’re posting?

Take the main point from Sunday’s message and make a graphic with it.

When people share with their friends, you are getting an encouraging message in front of people who are not yet attending your church. It may just be what they need to see in order to come this Sunday!

Use a Picture From a Sunday to Promote Another Sunday

You’ll need someone to take pictures somewhat regularly on Sunday mornings to do this, but it doesn’t require a fancy camera or anything like that. It would help, but you can get by with using a smartphone.

Post the picture and write in an invite for people to join you on Sunday.

Here’s an example:

Click here

When people share with their friends, they can use it as an invite to church. Who knows how many people will respond?!

Promote Your Church’s Blog Content

If you don’t already have a church blog, you can share a relevant post from someone else’s website, but I highly recommend you or your church have a blog and post on it regularly.

Here’s one that we just posted yesterday:

Click here

When people share with their friends, they will be exposed to some helpful content and just may begin discovering your website and information about your church (that second part is if the content is coming from your church).

Post a Short Video Clip From Sunday’s Message

This is a little more advanced, given you’ll need to video record your services and then go back and do some editing, but we’ve found that this is the MOST engaging thing we can do on Facebook.

And instead of only posting these videos to YouTube and then sharing on Facebook, we are uploading these directly to Facebook. The amount of views we are getting and engagement has been very encouraging.

Here’s a recent example:

Click here

When people share with their friends, they’ll be exposed to a short clip that helps them get an idea of what a Sunday at The Crossing is like, and they’ll be encouraged by the content.

Step Your Game Up

In order to reach A LOT of people on Facebook, you’ll need to spend some money with Facebook advertising. About midway through the week next week I’ll begin some Facebook advertising to promote Easter services at The Crossing.

I’ll be posting a video that we made that is designed to speak directly to people we are not connected with yet. And I’ll be posting a separate graphic that will be shown to people we are not connected with yet.

Here’s a glimpse of some results we saw from Facebook advertising last year:

How Your Church Can Reach More People with Facebook

As you can see from the results, we were able to reach a lot of people for a limited investment. And this is the power of Facebook! You can target people who live in your area who like water polo if you so desired. Facebook knows so much about us that it is a great platform to utilize targeted advertising.

In order to get started with Facebook advertising you’ll need a minimum budget of $5. Then you’ll wan to decide what type of advertising you wan to do.

These are your options:

How Your Church Can Reach More People With Facebook

As you can see, there are many options. The first three at the top will be relevant to you and the second to last one (get video views) depending on what you decide you want to do.

This year, for promoting Easter services, we’ll be using two strategies: (1) Get people to your website, and (2) Get video views.

To get people to our website, I will create a graphic that has only 20% or less text per Facebook’s advertising policy with a call to action description of something like, “Looking for a church to attend this Easter? Join us at The Crossing. You’ll be glad you did! Click below to learn more.”

They’ll be sent to a special page that has a video inviting them to join us with the basic info they need to know in order to come Easter weekend. I’ll include a short paragraph about the message, info on service times, and our location.

To get video views, people will see the video we will have in the webpage (they’ll just see it in their news feed) and the description will include the basic information they need to know in order to join us Easter weekend.

Use this tool for pictures in advertised posts: Grid Image Checker This will ensure that your photo is within Facebook’s terms and will give you confidence that your advertising will be approved.

Facebook Advertising Video Tutorials for Churches

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Written by Brandon Kelley

Brandon Kelley is the co-founder of Rookie Preacher and the author of Preaching Sticky Sermons and Crucified to Life. He serves as the Lead Pastor of First Church of Christ in Bluffton, IN. He also writes at You can follow him @BrandonKelley_. Watch his sermons here.


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