Sticky Sermons Notebook is Now Available

Do you want to get more efficient at sermon prep? Do you want to ensure that your prep time will translate to a message that sticks with your congregation past Sunday morning?

If so, we’ve got a brand new resource that is just for you!

Sticky Sermons Notebook is Now Available

The Sticky Sermons Notebook is the tool that you’ve been missing in your sermon prep. There is no other resource like it on the market.

It consists of four elements that will streamline the way you prepare your sermons from this point forward.

  1. Table of Contents // You’ll be able to see a summary of all your sermons for an entire year in one place.
  2. Customizable Notes Page // We all have our own brainstorming methods and scratch note methods. For each sermon in the year, you’ll get a full page of space to examine the passage, throw around ideas, draw a mind map, or whatever else you do in the prep stage.
  3. Sticky Sermons Framework Outline Page // Outlining is where the rubber meets the road. You can plug in the holes of your message here, identify the key elements of each section, and organize your sermon in a way that will stick with your congregation. This will help you streamline your content and save you a ton of time.
  4. Sermon Series Planning Page // We’ve included twelve of these so you can lay out the big idea for your series and the main elements for each message in the series. If you want to do away with loosely connected sermons within your sermon series, this will help you ensure that your next series is intentional, connected, and pointed in the right direction.

Are You Ready to Become More Efficient at Sermon Prep?

Sticky Sermons Notebook

Unexpected things happen every week in ministry. What if you could become more efficient at sermon prep so that you could do more ministry? Would it be worth it? You bet

The Sticky Sermons Notebook will make sermon prep easier and more efficient.

Are You Ready to Prepare More Memorable Sermons?

Following the approach to sermon prep and sermon writing that we laid out in Preaching Sticky Sermons, the Sticky Sermons Notebook gives you the practical tool we’ve been missing as preachers.

No longer do you need to piece your prep together across notebooks, apps, or word processors. Now, you can get your prep work done in one place so that when it comes time to manuscripting your message or creating your preaching notes, you know where to go with the message.

The Sticky Sermons Notebook will help you keep your sermons focused so you can say goodbye to rabbit trails and unneeded points.


At 8.5″x11″, the Sticky Sermons Notebook is a perfect size to get all your sermon prep work done each week.

Build Your Sermon Library for Years to Come

Do away with files after files of sermons that you’ve prepared and presented in the past. By utilizing the Sticky Sermons Notebook, you’ll be able to look back years later and find the prep work you did on specific passages, topics, and series.

Grab Your Copy Today

If you want to get more efficient in your sermon preparation, the Sticky Sermons Notebook is for you. Get your copy today.



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Written by Brandon Kelley

Brandon Kelley is the co-founder of Rookie Preacher and the author of Preaching Sticky Sermons and Crucified to Life. He serves as the Lead Pastor of First Church of Christ in Bluffton, IN. He also writes at You can follow him @BrandonKelley_. Watch his sermons here.


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